Junior to Senior

An Invitation-only Program For Ambitious Developers

Junior to Senior with David Guttman is a podcast for ambitious devs to take their career to the next level. As a companion to the show we have an invitation-only group-based mentoring community. This is a private slack to ask questions, work through any work-related or interview challenges, and discuss best practices. There are regular zoom calls for more in-depth topics, Q&A, and guest speakers.

Join the Community

The Junior to Senior Community is currently invite-only. We want to make sure that all members are friendly, curious, ambitious, and want to take an active role in their career development.

About David Guttman

David is a leader in the tech community and runs one of the largest JavaScript events in the country: js.la. This event draws world-famous speakers such as Ryan Dahl and Kyle Matthews and rising stars from the LA tech community, and regularly has standing-room only for its hundreds of attendees -- filling up large venues such as Google's main stage in Venice. Additionally, he runs the official Node.js Mentorship Team and the Los Angeles chapter of NodeSchool.